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At The Metric Company we have over 25 years precision engineering experience. Our expertise lies specifically in the Aerospace, Automotive, Hydraulic, and Healthcare sectors as well as general engineering. We are a small privately owned company with a large capability, able to meet all your engineering needs.

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Eurofighter jet

Our Aerospace customers are blue chip, world class organisations. The Metric Company provide quality craftsmanship at competitive prices. Parts made vary from basic and complicated metal pressings and CNC machining. We manufacture in various materials including steel, brass, copper, silver, gold, silicone, ptfe, polyurethane, rubber, SBGF, sponge, fibre board, foams, kapton, thermal materials like "gap pad" and plastics. We can also supply all RFI shielding components and others as required. Our parts are used within military vessels and vehicles, weapons (missiles and torpedoes), and both civil and military aircraft such as Airbus and Eurofighter. No customer or part names are used for discretion purposes and this is assured at all times.


We supply cork gaskets to the UK arm of a large US enterprise on a sole supplier basis. These parts service the many thousands of older, now classic cars using cork gaskets in between the carburettor and head. Marques include Triumph, MG, Jaguar, Austin and Ford all using Webber/SU carburettors. This is a growth market as owners tend to keep their vehicles as original as possible.

Automotive image of classic car carburettor


We service a number of companies both large and small, supplying to component manufacturers, distributors and hydraulic engineering companies and are often involved in technical specifications. Gaskets and seals are made from rubber, nitrile, diaphragm rubber, paper, coated paper, silicone and cork to name just a few. Mainly we supply both traditional and exotic gaskets/seals and shipping plates in paper, plastic and aluminium. Aluminium parts are produced using our CNC milling machine & CNC Router machine.

Die cutting


At The Metric Company we have been involved in the Healthcare sector for many years, producing component parts for hoists, bath lifts, special electric beds and more. We also provide the service aspect for machine refurbish/repairs. Our parts are shipped to a "key manufacturer" in this arena, to the UK, Belgium, Canada and Sweden. These parts are generally made from various plastic types, melinex and thin shim plastics, polyurethane and foams. Some have tape applied with many having waterproof or self adhesive backings.

Healthcare ceiling lift


General - PCB

We have capability to machine, mill, tap, CNC components from technical drawings from a variety of materials including brass, steel, aluminium, silver, gold, urethane, Tufnol, felt, Cap, EPDM and various plastics such as nylon/abs. We are always happy to provide a quotation.

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